International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark



All the profits from this Certification Trademark are distributed to the

following NGOs who we are Partnered with.

Partners are listed below in Alphabetical Order

BSBCC’s work relies on 4 fundamental pillars: welfare, rehabilitationeducation and research. BSBCC is currently home to 44 rescued sun bears. We reintroduce bears into their natural habitat, providing large forest enclosures. We work with the bears to develop the skills necessary for survival in the wild and identify potential release candidates.  We provide education resources at our centre in Sepilok, through our outreach programmes in Bornean schools and plantations, and online. Sun bears are the least researched bear species in the world and on-going research is key to increasing this species protection.      
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Protecting forest and wildlife with conservation practices based on traditional wisdom. Helping locals reforest their land and building and operating Kalimantan's 1st Wildlife Rescue Centre  - The Barbara Marshall Wildlife Rescue Centre. If you wish to make a donation to their work please click here

Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)

COP works directly to save endangered wildlife and creates a second chance for orangutans to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

COP operate rapid response teams in Sumatra, Java & Borneo. COP works wherever orangutans need help.

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Indonesian Species Conservation Programme (ISCP) 

ISCP rescue and rehabilitates Slow Loris and other Indonesian Wildlife, protect biodiversity rich areas in North Sumatra, educate local communities, preserve Endangered Plant species and many projects. 

If you would like to make a donation to help their work please email  [email protected]

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is non-governmental, non-profit organization established in January 2008 to help and protect Indonesia wildlife and to improve the welfare of Jakarta's beautifull animals.
JAAN enlists the help of individuals and Indonesia authorities to rescue animals from exploitation and to decrease the trade in endangered wildlife. We aim to raise awareness of animal welfare issues by providing educational materials and presentation in and around Jakarta.   
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OIC is dedicated to the conservation of the endemic, critically endangered Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) and their forest homes. OIC believe that Sumatran people are best suited to have an impact in and help save Sumatran biodiversity. In order to succeed our conservation efforts, we must work with local people towards the preservation and regrowth of rainforest habitat and promote orangutans as global conservation ambassadors for the rainforest ecosystem. 

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Omah Par's mission is to educate the community around them about permaculture, the environment, wildlife.

Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID)

The charity supports vets working at the front line of orangutan rescue whether this is from illegal pet homes, human / orangutan conflict or the illegal wildlife trade. These vets and their teams are often working in difficult, demanding and dangerous conditions with minimal equipment.

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Villa Kitty (VK)

Villa Kitty is a rescue and adoption centre for Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. 

The Villa Kitty team works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter, they provide quality Veterinary care and advice / a Sterilisation program / a Responsible cat adoption service / Education program to promote responsible cat ownership / Love and rehabilitation  

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