International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark


POFCAP's  Resident Cartoonist Allan Addams donates his time and artistic skills to our team.    
We are so excited to have him to express concepts & ideas which can’t be expressed any other way. Allan is supporting POFCAP and because of that we would like you to support him. If you are in need of a caricaturist either live at an event or party or working online from a photo, or in need of a cartoon to represent an idea, map or product please contact Allan (The Cartoon Guy) who is based in South Australia by emailing [email protected] be sure to mention POFCAP when making enquiries and he may just throw in something extra. Allan’s website  
This is the first cartoon Allan has created for us to express the fact that the POFCAP’s Certification Trademark is the only independently assessed and therefore unbiased Palm Oil Free claim you can trust. We think he has done a brilliant job. 

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