International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark



Our team consists of dedicated, passionate & knowledgeable people who over the last 13 years have educated themselves about the palm oil issue. They have since 2009 initiated projects partnering with Indonesian NGO's to encourage the reforestation of damaged rainforests, the rescue & rehabilitation of Indonesian wildlife & the enrichment of animal enclosures in Indonesian Zoos.

The team members are active professionals from the business, education, research & government sectors who volunteer their time to develop & manage this certification trademark. In 2013 several members co-founded an Incorporated Association which educated people about the palm oil issue & were instrumental in creating a supermarket bar code palm oil phone app (now defunct). They spent many years educating consumers about palm oil via various projects, social media & campaigns. 

This International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark is a response to consumer demand. It enables their right to make a informed & considered choice when shopping.

POFCAP distributes the profits from the certification trademark to help rainforests & animals via our Partner NGOs

Our International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark is a world first, has been approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), IP Australia & also approved by the IPOs in 21 countries with more pending.